Community mobilization: We use this strategy to make many people know about our services and interventions as well as access them.

Static Services/Mobile Outreach Services: Most of our services ranging from Medical treatment, Family Planning, HIV testing to Counseling are offered at the 3 static Medical centers and Offices. However to reach more people and promote access to services by the populations far away from any of our 3 static sites, URHB uses the community/mobile service provision method.

Advocacy: For the disadvantaged populations to be heard, URHB has taken up the mantle of raising the voice of the voiceless in influencing government policy in relation to youth friendly service provision. URHB speaks out for, empowers and supports children and young people to influence policies in order to protect their rights. This is aimed at advancing the children’s own views and wishes at district and national level. This enables the children to take on more responsibility and control the decisions which affect their lives. URHB also advocates for youth friendly reproductive health services as well as strengthening its clinical and outreach services in the communities it serves.

Partnership Development: URHB appreciates the role partners play in service delivery. To this end, partners are involved at all stages right from problem identification, planning and decision making. This is intended to share roles and responsibilities; achievements and challenges. URHB works with local and international partners in a bid to achieve our strategic objectives. This also involves other players like the government ministries, the private sector and civil society organizations.

Networking: URHB uses this strategy to raise a critical mass of advocates for our services. This also enables us to reach and engage government and other stakeholders to jointly influence issues that are pertinent to its interventions. URHB also promotes informal beneficiaries’ support networks.


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